Social Responsibility

As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, non-profit manager, and teacher I consider being a humanitarian essential to my identity. Living in Dubai and raising expat children in a incredibly wealthy environment poses many ethical challenges. I am always looking for ways to teach my children what is important in life. I consider helping others as a requirement and service to others as a way to honor our higher purpose in this world. Thanks to the incredible work that Stephanie Sutherland and Dubai Mums Helping Hands my children and I have been able to participate in some incredible volunteer opportunities. Last Ramadan brought many community initiatives to this vibrant city and I am so proud of the ways my children were able to jump in and learn what it means to be of service.

I am also honored to have written for the DMHH Facebook page last year, documenting several stories of the many workers that come to Dubai for a better life. These often invisible people, working behind the scenes, are essential to the wonderful life we enjoy in Dubai. I believe, that only through meeting people from different cultures and religions, can we understand what it means to be human. This education is what breaks down barriers and prejudices and despite the “connected” and “globalized” society we live in, I think this lesson has never been more important than now. Only through understanding and compassion can we have hope to be better.

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